Important announcements
To the attention of all passengers
Covid laboratories
To the attention of all passengers
2022-02-01 00:00

We would like to inform passengers and visitors of Sofia Airport that аs of 1 May 2022, parking prices will change at Sofia Airport’s two public car parks in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Details can be found here.

Level B1 of the public car parking at Terminal 2 is temporarily closed. The remaining parking levels are at your disposal. While we apologize for any inconvenience caused, we kindly ask you to observe the parking organization in place.

As of 1 May 2022 all COVID-19 related travel restrictions are lifted.

Information about travelling to different countries is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.

All scheduled flights arriving in the time range 8 pm–8 am will be served only at Terminal 2. This will facilitate faster processing of documents and the passing of passengers. There will be no change for flights landing on schedule before 8:00 at Terminal 1. They will not move to Terminal 2 to avoid the inconvenience of travelers and their meters and greeters. All business flights will be operated at Terminal 1.


Covid laboratories

For the convenience of travelers, COVID-19 testing laboratories have been set up in the public areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to issue the necessary travel health certificates.

The PCR test result is ready within 2 hours and the antigen test within 20 minutes. The services are available not only to arriving and departing passengers, but also to all citizens.



+359 884 884936 – Terminal 1
+359 882 607010 – Terminal 2


+359 876 036577 – Terminal 2

Terms and conditions for participation in the Facebook game WIN A WEKEEND IN MUNICH




  1. The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to set out the rules for the Facebook game called “Win a weekend in Munich“, as well as the procedure for selecting the winner and awarding the prizes. These rules may be amended and supplemented without limitation by the organiser and are published on Sofia Airport’s website:
  2. Organizer of the game is SOF Connect AD with address: Sofia, Christopher Columbus Blvd. Sofia Airport, UIC 206155179 in partnership with Munich Airport (Flughafen München GmbH (FMG)) and Deutsche Lufthansa AG.
  3. All legal capacity individuals and people of legal age, except employees of SOF Connect AG, are eligible to participate in this competition.
  4. The game is being conducted via Sofia Airport’s Facebook page
  5. The raffle is not supported by Facebook and is in no way connected to Facebook.
  6. Participation is free of charge and is exclusively regulated by these terms & conditions of participation.
  7. Only one post per participant will be entered into the competition. It is strictly prohibited to use multiple email addresses or multiple Facebook profiles to increase your chances of winning.



The game will be held in the period 20.06-30.06.2022 under the following conditions:

  1. Participants must comment on the game post, answering the question contained in the game post, namely “Which sights would you visit in Munich?” and tag two friends with whom they often travel.
  2. In the event that a participant wishes to terminate their participation in the game, they must notify the Organiser in writing by sending an email to [email protected], making sure to mention the account they registered with.
  3. Any legal capacity individuals and people of legal age may participate in the game in the manner and within the time limits specified in these Terms and Conditions. Participation in the game is not conditional upon purchase. By participating in the game, the participant declares that he/she is 18 years of age or older and that he/she has a valid right to perform all legal and factual acts for his/her participation.
  4. All SOF Connect employees, the operator of Sofia Airport and their family members are not eligible to enter the lottery.
  5. Once the above conditions have been met, the participant is deemed to be registered for the game. The Organiser will not send confirmation of registration or participation in the game.
  6. Participants who have not fulfilled one or more of the above conditional or have posted a comment with non-compliant content will not be eligible to enter the prize draw.
  7. Entrants who post content that is obscene, offensive or contrary to generally accepted moral standards or content that brings Sofia Airport and the Promoter into disrepute will be disqualified.



  1. On 01.07 the winner will be drawn at random, the selection will be made by lottery from a software tool –
  2. The winner will win two free return airline tickets from Sofia to Munich with Lufthansa airline, as well as two free nights for two in accommodation with a minimum of 3 stars in the city of Munich. All other costs associated with the trip are the responsibility of the winner.
  3. The tickets and overnight stays will be available from the date of the winner’s announcement until 15.12.2022.
  4. The Promoter will publish the winner’s profile picture and the name of the winner/account with which he/she has registered on Facebook in a post on Sofia Airport’s Facebook page. The Promoter may notify the winner by Facebook message or other appropriate means.
  5. The winner shall notify the Promoter no later than 30 days prior to the selected travel dates. Notification to the organiser shall be made by email, giving names, date of birth, contact information and other personal details required to issue the air ticket and secure the hotel reservation
  6. In the event that the winner does not claim his/her prize within 5 (five) days from the time of announcement, the Promoter will determine a winner by a new draw from the remaining entrants who have met the conditions of the game.
  7. The prize may not be transferred to third parties.
  8. The winning participant agrees that the photographic and video images of which he/she is present may be used freely and without restriction on social networks, including in press releases. The winning entrant agrees to participate in send-off and welcome ceremonies at Sofia Airport, which may include the presence of media and the need to give interviews.
  9. The prize will be awarded to the winner in person after the Promoter has made initial contact with the winner by telephone.
  10. An exchange or cash payout of the prize is not possible.
  11. The winner is responsible for any possible taxation related to the winnings.
  12. The Organizer accepts no responsibility if a user has provided invalid contact details, incorrect names or a non-existent or deactivated Facebook account.



  1. The Organizer shall not be liable for any damages that are not a direct and proximate consequence of the Participants’ participation in the Game.



  1. All personal data will be collected, processed and stored by the Organiser in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation);
  2. Full privacy policy for participation in the Facebook game can be found here:
  3. By participating in the game, participants agree that the personal data provided by them will be used by the Organiser for the purposes of organising and running the game, including providing such data to third parties involved in the organisation of the game in connection with the issue of airline tickets and the provision of hotel reservations. The consent of the participant is deemed to be granted by placing the comment under the Game post on in response to the question “Which sights would you visit in Munich?”.
  4. Each participant has the right to withdraw their consent to participate in the Game at any time. This is done by deleting the comment posted about participation in the Game. Until the consent is withdrawn, the processing of the participant’s personal data is deemed lawful.
  5. All entrants consent to the collection and storage of their personal data for the purposes of the Game. The Organiser shall comply with the applicable legislation relating to the protection of personal information collected during the Game. The Organiser undertakes to keep the personal information of the participants of the Game confidential and to use it in accordance with these GENERAL CONDITIONS and the applicable legislation.
  6. The Organiser undertakes not to provide any personal data to third parties except for the purpose of purchasing air tickets and securing hotel reservations.



  1. By entering the game, the participant agrees to these Terms and Conditions;
  2. In the event of extraordinary (force majeure) circumstances beyond the control of the Promoter, the Promoter has the right to terminate the Game. In such cases the Organiser shall not be liable to the participants for any damages caused. The Promoter’s decisions on all matters relating to the Prize Game or the application of the rules of the Prize Game are final and apply to all entrants.



  1. The Promoter reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Game at any stage of the Game by notifying the Participants on the Official Facebook Page. All participants are deemed to be notified from the moment the Promoter publishes a post to this effect. In the event that the termination of the Game is directly or indirectly due to the actions of a participant/participants in the Game, the Organizer is entitled to take all necessary legal and factual actions to recover the damages caused.
  2. Possible disputes between the Organizer and participant/participants shall be resolved through negotiations, and in case of failure – according to the general legal procedure of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  3. In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid or for any reason does not take effect, the validity and effect of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

*Last update – 30.06/ The winner will be drawn at random on 1 of July 2022