Important announcements
To the attention of all passengers
Covid laboratories
To the attention of all passengers
2022-09-02 00:00

We would like to inform passengers and visitors of Sofia Airport that аs of 03.09.2022 (Saturday) all Pegasus Airlines flights will be operated from Terminal 2.

We would like to inform passengers and visitors of Sofia Airport that аs of 1 May 2022, parking prices will change at Sofia Airport’s two public car parks in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Details can be found here.

Level B1 of the public car parking at Terminal 2 is temporarily closed. The remaining parking levels are at your disposal. While we apologize for any inconvenience caused, we kindly ask you to observe the parking organization in place.

Keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is mandatory at Sofia Airport buildings. Wearing safety masks is recommended.

As of 1 May 2022 all COVID-19 related travel restrictions are lifted.

Information about travelling to different countries is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.

All scheduled flights arriving in the time range 8 pm–8 am will be served only at Terminal 2. This will facilitate faster processing of documents and the passing of passengers. There will be no change for flights landing on schedule before 8:00 at Terminal 1. They will not move to Terminal 2 to avoid the inconvenience of travelers and their meters and greeters. All business flights will be operated at Terminal 1.


Covid laboratories

For the convenience of travelers, COVID-19 testing laboratories have been set up in the public areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to issue the necessary travel health certificates.

The PCR test result is ready within 2 hours and the antigen test within 20 minutes. The services are available not only to arriving and departing passengers, but also to all citizens.



+359 884 884936 – Terminal 1
+359 882 607010 – Terminal 2


+359 876 036577 – Terminal 2



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26/09/2022 15:20



FB851Terminal 2 LondonLHR T2 BULGARIA AIR Departed 15:43 Flight info
26/09/2022 15:20



FR7919Terminal 2 NurembergNUE T2 RYANAIR Departed 15:34 Flight info
26/09/2022 15:25



TK1032Terminal 2 IstanbulIST T2 TURK HAVA YOLLARI (TURKISH AIRLINES) Departed 16:08 Flight info
26/09/2022 15:50



FR6323Terminal 2 MilanBGY T2 RYANAIR Departed 16:48 Flight info
26/09/2022 16:10



JU123Terminal 2 BelgradeBEG T2 AIR SERBIA Delayed Flight info
26/09/2022 16:50



W64373Terminal 1 LisbonLIS T1 WIZZ AIR Departed 17:16 Flight info
26/09/2022 17:10



QR228Terminal 2 DohaDOH T2 QATAR AIRWAYS Departed 17:19 Flight info
26/09/2022 17:25



FR6793Terminal 2 ParisBVA T2 RYANAIR Boarding Flight info
26/09/2022 17:40



FR6306Terminal 2 CologneCGN T2 RYANAIR Departed 17:58 Flight info
26/09/2022 18:25



LO634Terminal 2 WarsawWAW T2 LOT - POLSKIE LINIE LOTNICZE Boarding Flight info
26/09/2022 18:35



LH1431Terminal 2 FrankfurtFRA T2 DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA AG Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 18:45



OS798Terminal 2 ViennaVIE T2 AUSTRIAN AIRLINES Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 19:00



FB973Terminal 2 VarnaVAR T2 BULGARIA AIR Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 19:15



W64405Terminal 1 BarcelonaBCN T1 WIZZ AIR Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 19:15



W64321Terminal 1 ParisBVA T1 WIZZ AIR Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 19:20



LH1705Terminal 2 MunichMUC T2 DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA AG Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 19:35



W64303Terminal 1 LondonLTN T1 WIZZ AIR Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 19:40



W64399Terminal 1 LondonLGW T1 WIZZ AIR Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 19:55



W64315Terminal 1 RomeCIA T1 WIZZ AIR Check-in Flight info
26/09/2022 20:20



AF1789Terminal 2 ParisCDG T2 AIR FRANCE   Flight info

Flights from Sofia Airport

Flights from Sofia Airport are operated from the airport’s two terminals – Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The three ground handling operators serve over 80 destinations of 27 airlines.


Passengers can check which terminal their flight is scheduled to depart from on the airport’s website in the “Departures” section. For flight schedule changes or cancellations, the relevant airline should be contacted.


Travellers are expected to be at the airport 2 hours before their flight. On arrival at the airport, they should hand in their checked baggage at the ground handling counter, if they have one.


In relation to travel opportunities in different countries and any restrictions imposed worldwide by COVID-19, please check the entry information for the country you are going to on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website before you fly.


For the convenience of passengers, there are two laboratories – Kandilarov and Genika, working at the two terminals of the airport and perform antigen and PCR tests within 15 minutes and 2 hours respectively.


To board the aircraft, each passenger goes through a mandatory security check. Airport staff check passengers’ hand luggage for certain items that cannot be carried in a passenger’s hand luggage. These include items with a sharp tip or edge such as knives, barber blades, any type of weapon and the like that would endanger the security of the flight.


Liquids in baggage (cosmetics, perfumes, etc.) are allowed in containers of up to 100 ml. and for convenience cosmetics should be placed in a transparent bag.


Electronic devices are also allowed in hand luggage. At the time of security screening, they must be removed separately from other baggage and placed in the screening baskets.


Before going through security you should remove your outer clothing and remove any metal objects you may have on you. At the discretion of the security staff you may also need to remove your shoes. After going through security, check your personal belongings to see if anything has been left behind.


This is followed by a check by border control at the airport. Border Police officers will ask for your documents for verification – ID card or international passport. To get through this check faster, we advise you to prepare your documents in advance. For your convenience, you can also use the electronic border control counters located at Terminal 2.


While waiting for their flight, travellers passing through Sofia Airport can make the most of their time at the dining options in both terminals or visit the airport’s duty-free shops. They offer a variety of Bulgarian and world-famous goods.


In the duty-free shops of the airport you can find brands such as Chanel, Dior, Bulgari, Shiseido, Hermes, Guerlain, YSL, Armani, Boss, Lancôme, Clinique, D&G, Estee Lauder, Swarovski, Guess, Fossil, Ray Ban, Festina, Casio and others.


Among the airport’s newly opened retail spaces is a best-seller store in Terminal 2, located in the departures area. It offers chocolate products, a selection of Bulgarian wines and brandies, perfumes, toys and more.

Nearby is the new Terminal 2 Diner with hot and cold drinks and food made from high quality ingredients.


Terminal 1 has a new cafeteria offering hot drinks, aromatic cappuccinos and a variety of desserts. It is located in the Departures halls.


The airport also offers additional services for the convenience of passengers, such as air ticket sales, baggage packing, banking offices, exchange offices, etc. Special meet and greet services are available for people with reduced mobility. You can see more here.


You can also spend the time before your flight in the business lounges located in both terminals. Standby tickets can be purchased from the ticketing counter in the public area of Terminal 2, or at the lounges after passing through passport and border control.


When the time approaches for your flight you will proceed to the aircraft using airport buses, in cases where the aircraft is standing or on foot via a passenger airbridge.


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