Important announcements
To the attention of all passengers
Covid laboratories
To the attention of all passengers
2022-02-01 00:00

We would like to inform passengers and visitors of Sofia Airport that аs of 1 May 2022, parking prices will change at Sofia Airport’s two public car parks in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Details can be found here.

Level B1 of the public car parking at Terminal 2 is temporarily closed. The remaining parking levels are at your disposal. While we apologize for any inconvenience caused, we kindly ask you to observe the parking organization in place.

As of 1 May 2022 all COVID-19 related travel restrictions are lifted.

Information about travelling to different countries is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.

All scheduled flights arriving in the time range 8 pm–8 am will be served only at Terminal 2. This will facilitate faster processing of documents and the passing of passengers. There will be no change for flights landing on schedule before 8:00 at Terminal 1. They will not move to Terminal 2 to avoid the inconvenience of travelers and their meters and greeters. All business flights will be operated at Terminal 1.


Covid laboratories

For the convenience of travelers, COVID-19 testing laboratories have been set up in the public areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to issue the necessary travel health certificates.

The PCR test result is ready within 2 hours and the antigen test within 20 minutes. The services are available not only to arriving and departing passengers, but also to all citizens.



+359 884 884936 – Terminal 1
+359 882 607010 – Terminal 2


+359 876 036577 – Terminal 2

To and from Sofia Airport with….

Transport to/from the Airport


The inter-terminal transfer service operates 24/7 as follows.

On Terminal 1 – Terminal 2 – Terminal 1 route: from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. the bus runs at every 30 min. From 08:20 p.m. to 07:40 a.m. on the route Terminal 1 – Terminal 2 – Terminal 1: at every 40 min.

From Т1 to Т2:

07:20; 08:00; 08:30; 09:00; 09:30; 10:00; 10:30; 11:00; 11:30; 12:00; 12:30; 13:00; 13:30; 14:00; 14:30; 15:00; 15:30; 16:00; 16:30; 17:00; 17:30; 18:00; 18:30; 19:00; 19:30; 20:00; 20:40; 21:20; 22:00; 22:40; 23:20; 24:00; 00:40; 01:20; 02:00; 02:40; 03:20; 04:00; 04:40; 05:20; 06:00; 06:40;

From Т2 to Т1:

07:40; 08:15; 08:45; 09:15; 09:45; 10:15; 10:45; 11:15; 11:45; 12:15; 12:45; 13:15; 13:45; 14:15; 14:45; 15:15; 15:45; 16:15; 16:45; 17:15; 17:45; 18:15; 18:45; 19:15; 19:45; 20:20; 21:00; 21:40; 22:20; 23:00; 23:40; 00:20; 01:00; 01:40; 02:20; 03:00; 03:40; 04:20; 05:00; 05:40; 06:20; 07:00;

Any additional information regarding the inter-terminal transfer timetable should be addressed to the Information Desks located in the public areas of the two terminals or at +359 2 937 22 11



Sofia Airport Metro Station is in close proximity to the airport terminal building. To reach it, follow the blue line on the floor in the public area of Terminal 2.

The line provides a transport connection to the city centre and to the large residential complexes in the immediate vicinity – Druzhba and Mladost, as well as to the more distant ones in the western direction – zh.k. “Zapaden Park” and “Lyulin”. The new line 3 of the metropolitan metro connects the airport with the Hadzhi Dimitar and Gorna Banya districts.

The journey time from Sofia Airport to the city centre is approximately 18 min. Changing trains from Line 1 to Line 2 at Serdika Metro Station, passengers can travel from the airport to Sofia Central Bus and Railway Stations within less than half an hour. Connection with the railway transport is possible two stops from Metro station Sofia Airport at Metro station Iskarsko shosse, with a changeover there to trains on the Sofia-Plovdiv and Sofia-Karlovo lines.For further information on the railway time schedule, see BDZ Passenger Services . The other Metro stations allow convenient transport connections to bus or trolleybus lines of the city transport system. The metro trains on the route to the airport operate from 5:30 a.m. to midnight on weekdays and weekends/holidays.  More information here

The metro station at Sofia Airport is located in the eastern part of Terminal 2. You can reach it by following the floor markings in blue at the public area of Terminal 2. Sofia Airport provides free-of-charge transportation between the two terminal buildings. The shuttle bus stops located in front of the terminal buildings are designated by signage and pavement markings. More information here


84 bus route connects city centre (Gen. Gurko Str.) with Sofia Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 1. Then it goes back along Christopher Columbus Blvd. – Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. to Gen. Gurko Str.


184 bus route connects city centre (Gen. Gurko Str.) with Sofia Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Then it goes back along Christopher Columbus Blvd. – Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. – Gen. Gurko Str.

Both bus routes operate under an all-day timetable. The exact times, including the first and last buses, are published at the Urban Mobility Center. The journey time from the first to the final stops of 84 and 184 bus routes.


is approximately 45 min. on weekdays, and 35 min. at weekends/holidays.

384 bus route provides access to Sofia Airport – Terminal 2 from Druzhba 2 residential district. The bus service starts from Druzhba 2, goes along Christopher Columbus Blvd. through Druzhba 1 to Terminal 2 and then goes back following the same route.

The bus line operates under an all-day timetable. The exact times, including the first and last buses, are published at the Urban Mobility Center. The journey time from the first to the final stops of 384 bus route is about 25-30 min. on weekdays and weekends/holidays.

In case you want to use public bus transport from Terminal 2, the floor marking in red in the public area will show you the way to the bus stops.


At Sofia Airport you can buy tickets for the public transport at the kiosks of Urban Mobility, as well as from a ticket vending machine, installed at Terminal 1 Arrivals public area.  The machine works with Bulgarian levs and coins and the issued tickets are valid for bus lines 84,184 and 384.

Ticket machines for metro tickets are located at Sofia Airport Metro Station. The ticket machines accept Bulgarian banknotes and coins, and one of them accepts credit cards as well.

Passengers with regular transport documents are allowed to take up to 2 pieces of hand luggage on public transport vehicles free of charge. Any additional pieces of luggage are charged with a separate transport document.

More information on the types of luggage, transport conditions, routes and timetables can be found at:

Sofia Urban Mobility Centre and Metropolitan Sofia.


The distance between the city centre and Sofia Airport is about 10 km via Brussels blvd. and Tsarigradsko Shose blvd. Trakiya highway leads into Sofia from the East. The connection with Hemus highway is via Botevgradsko Shose blvd. and Prodan Tarakchiev str.

Sofia Airport is connected to the northern city side via Iztochna Tangenta str.
If you drive to Sofia Airport, the public car parks at Terminal 1 и Terminal 2 are open for you.

Bicycles can be parked and secured to racks at both airport Terminals.


For your comfort and safety, we recommend the services of the taxi operator OK Supertrans AD as contractual partner of SOF Connect, the concessioner of Sofia Airport.

You can request the service at the offices of OK Supertrans in the Arrivals of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

+359 2 973 2121

and the floor markings in yellow will lead you to the taxi stand area.


We recommend that you do not use taxi services offered outside the office of the taxi operator or in front of the terminal to avoid the risk of abuse.